After An Accident, Get Your Car Repaired By an Approved Body Shop

Why getting your car repaired with a PAS 125 registered body shop is important

If your car is damaged in a motor accident you will need to search for a car workshop that specialises in car body repairs. However, there are numerous car body workshops that offer vehicle repairs in Ashford Middx and finding the right company can be rather tricky. Although most car body repair workshops appear to be similar at first glance, the services that they offer and the quality of their repairs can vary dramatically. Because your car is important to you, it is natural that you will want to opt for the best quality service possible.

Pas 125 car body repairs Ashford middxThe best way to make sure that you choose a company that offers you the full range car body repairs combined with excellent service is to look for a company that displays a PAS 125 kite mark sign. This sign is an indication that the company offers high quality workmanship that their customers can rely on. It also ensures that the company complies with all of the necessary regulations and has all of the proper procedures and systems in place. In order to obtain the PAS 125 kite mark, car body workshops have to complete special training to ensure that they have up to the minute skills and knowledge.

This allows them to perform the highest level of body work possible and provide their customers with the perfect finish. The training covers all areas of car body repairs, from taking out dents and scratches to professional paint work so that a vehicle that has been worked on looks as good as new. The great thing about the PAS 125 kite mark system is that individual companies like ours are checked regularly to make sure that they continue to withhold the same high standards that earned them the mark in the first place.
All our body shop technicians are regularly tested and if we were not able to pass the stringent tests, then we would no longer be permitted to display the mark.
We are happy to say that we have always maintained the highest standards set down by PAS 125 kite mark M&S Accident proudly displays  the PAS 125 kite mark to show our customers that this is a company that they can trust.