We support BEN the Automotive Industry Charity

Caring for automotive people, and their dependants, in times of need.

BEN exists to provide care, support and advice to those in our industries who need our help in times of hardship or distress.

We provide a wide range of different types of support depending on your, or your loved ones’, situation. This could mean helping with the cost of specialist disabled equipment for your child, giving you emotional support through an illness or funding a respite break for you and your partner. We will help in whatever way we can. Find out how BEN has helped others.

We also have four residential centres around the country, offering a range of services from nursing to end of life care. In addition, BEN owns and runs the UK’s first workplace day care centre, based in Coventry. Each of our centres provides high quality care so that we can continue to look after older people in our communities. A number of our centres also offer sheltered accommodation. Find out more about BEN’s centres.

It costs approximately £11million each year for BEN to continue its vital work within our industries, and it’s only thanks to the generosity of our supporters that we’re able to do so. Find how you can help support BEN.

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